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16 August 2009 @ 11:28 pm
Icon Tutorial  
SUUP~ I bring to you my first tutorial! It's quite simple (according to me) I made it by playing with random filters and got my ideas from the many tuts I use. The userpic was the first one I made and I honestly like that result better. Oh well...

How to go from: to:

Okay well, first things first, this tutorial works best with grey-ish pictures, thats why all my examples are from the same photoshoot XD

1. First off, crop up your base and duplicate it twice. Set the first layer at 80% Screen, and the second one at 100% Soft Light (you can change this step depending on how dark or light your picture is)

2. Make a new Color Balance layer and use these settings:

MIDTONES: 30 0 0

SHADOWS: 10 0 10


3. Make a new Photo Filter layer and use the cooling filter (80) with a density of 10% and preserve luminosity checked.

4. Now make a new Exposure layer (was just playing around with this one day...and the results came out pretty nice ^_^). Use these settings (again you can change this depending on the picture you use):

Exposure: 1.00

Offset: (play around with this a little, but make sure to keep it around -0.00#)

Gamma correction: 1.2

5. The picture is too bright now. Duplicate your Soft Light layer and bring it to the top.

6. Now take this texture: made by sanctuarylight and keep it on 100% Screen. Move it around if you don't like where it is.

Here's two examples~


1. Credit if you use the examples (yes you can use them :))
2. Comments are loved!
3. Show me your results!! (lol, don't have to, but will appreciate it <3)

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Music: Girls' Generation - Sorry Sorry (originally by SuJu)
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