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let's put an end;
Heyo, I'm Hira! Im 15 and I live in the UAE (does the name Dubai ring a bell?). I'm not from the UAE (ish Asian!), and frankly it's not too much fun living here either (good lifestyle, sucky social life 'cuz everyone is a WHORE XP) If Hira is too hard to pronounce (I reckon it is since you don't pronounce it like Hiro, the i is lighter) then you can call me Chi! (comes from Sachiko when means happiness in Japanese, and I'm happy most of the time, thus my name xD). My favourite genre is ROCK and my favourite bands are: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Alice Nine and The GazettE. I used to listen to American music, but it's way too overrated now and overdone and I wonder if they can ever sing about anything other than sex. I hate rap, but I love Eminem (only one who's actually worth listening to). I like kpop too, and my favourite group is...SOSHIIII. Yes I am a biig So Nyeo Shi Dae fangirl, along with Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, SHINee, Shinhwa, Wonder Girls, After School (second fave<33) 2NE1 and Kara, but soshi beats 'em all! (lol) And omg is this getting long? Yeah it is. I'll stop here XD
lets dance under the moonlight;
Yay I have more stuff to tell you about me! (lmao, yeah I usually am this chipper) Well, I love photoshopping, but I get tired of it too easily. It's like 1 icon done, Im too tired to do any more xP Same goes with fanfiction. I love reading smut (lol) and jrock fanfics, but I can never write them. I have a few awesome (BRAG?! lol, no) ones and they are both kpop-related and possible PG-13 and no more! I can read NC-17 but I feel too awkward writing that stuff. I make anime layouts better than any other sort of layouts, but I don't know any good anime journal to post them up on! (hmph) But I have a website which I shall be opening soon and it goes by the name of Cornucopia (abundance of wild flowers, it's pretty, no?), so I can post up my layouts on that! I also have a community, which currently has very little members, but it rocks anyway!! Lolz, visit it guys: hard_x_candy. Thanks<3 Hope you had as much reading this as I had writing it ;D

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